Got some ideas for ya, Joe

Hours after taking the oath of office, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. signed about a dozen executive orders rescinding some of his predecessor’s bullshit and charting a course toward a more inclusive, climate conscious future. It’s an excellent start. As the world’s foremost expert on everything, however, I’ve got some more things he could doContinue reading “Got some ideas for ya, Joe”

On 2020

So 2020 sucked, right? That’s the prevailing wisdom. I don’t think that’s quite right. Think back to January and February. How was life back then? What did you expect out of the next twelve months? Chances are that was a better time for you, and that if your outlook wasn’t super rosy you probably hadContinue reading “On 2020”

Cleveland Baseball Team

Cleveland’s MLB franchise announced last week that it’s going to drop its longstanding Indians nickname. The team had previously moved away from its ghastly logo, which made this move feel like only a matter of time. Bravo, I say. “But it’s only a name!” I’m sure others are saying. And that’s exactly why it shouldContinue reading “Cleveland Baseball Team”

So. Much. Star Wars.

During an investor event on Thursday, Disney announced approximately 18,000,000 new movies and TV shows set in the galaxy far, far away. There are a zillion articles on the internet detailing it all, so I’m going to skip all that and go straight to a hot take. It’s about fucking time. When I look backContinue reading “So. Much. Star Wars.”

On The Mandalorian

The first fourteen episodes of The Mandalorian have left viewers with a ton of questions. Foremost in this fan’s mind is this: how in the hell did it take us almost 40 years to get more good live action Star Wars? Every Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi has been trash, or fine,Continue reading “On The Mandalorian”

Beyond Light’s campaign is the worst in-game Destiny narrative yet

Hoo boy. I’ve been a fan of Destiny since the launch of the first game almost ten years ago. The movement, shooting, and gear grind all combine to make an experience that’s very fun. The lore behind the whole story is fascinating, surprising, and extraordinarily well thought out. It’s a good experience that’s worth theContinue reading “Beyond Light’s campaign is the worst in-game Destiny narrative yet”

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