Beyond Light’s campaign is the worst in-game Destiny narrative yet

Hoo boy. I’ve been a fan of Destiny since the launch of the first game almost ten years ago. The movement, shooting, and gear grind all combine to make an experience that’s very fun. The lore behind the whole story is fascinating, surprising, and extraordinarily well thought out. It’s a good experience that’s worth theContinue reading “Beyond Light’s campaign is the worst in-game Destiny narrative yet”

Scott’s election night survival guide

Grab your favorite booze. Trust me: you’re gonna want a little of the ol’ brain lube for this one. Election night’s going in deep and raw and hard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Me? I realized I haven’t had a Manhattan in a while, so I’m switching to cocktails for the night. Make sureContinue reading “Scott’s election night survival guide”

MLB should make their expanded playoffs permanent

How great was that first round? After months of watching my beloved Red Sox stumble through life like an angry drunk trying to fight a subway train, watching multiple quality teams play meaningful, competitive baseball was a breath of fresh air. I kept the games on while working, eating, and playing video games, paying halfContinue reading “MLB should make their expanded playoffs permanent”

Scott’s half-assed 2020 NFL season preview

After decades of watching as much football as possible every weekend, I swore off the NFL a few years ago. So many things about that league frustrated me to the point that watching felt more like a job than something I enjoyed. Now we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I’m bored, and I’m superContinue reading “Scott’s half-assed 2020 NFL season preview”